Thursday, April 28, 2016

Happy Birthday, Gram!

It's Grandma Perkins' birthday, so as your present, Gram, his year I'm going to blog at least once per month. I'm not gonna lie: this will be hard for me. But I'll promise to do my best. So without further ado, here's what we've been up to lately.


This week without school has been so much fun. We've gone to see Thomas Edison's mansion and laboratory in East Orange, NJ; visited an exhibit at the New York Historical Society that is all about Mo Willems, the children's book author; checked out all the blossoms and blooms at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Central Park; hung out at (and were fascinated by) the Met's new exhibit "Pergamon;" played tag and soccer on Central Park's Great Lawn; played on playgrounds; and eaten at McDonald's, Shake Shack, and the Waffle Truck.

For the most part, the kids have been happy and have gotten along so well with one another. Photos to come!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I made this

My first crochet attempt. I made this blanket for my sweet niece Amelia (Hilary's new baby). Well, she was a new baby when I made this. YouTube taught me how to do it. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Naked Babies in the Bathtub

Will my kids hate me for this in 10 years? Probably.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Annie at 9 Months

  • Height: 29 3/4 in. (still off the charts in terms of percentile)
  • Weight: 20 lbs. 15 oz., 81st percentile (up from the 51st percentile and 15 lb.s 15 oz. at her 6-month appointment)
  • As a man (or maybe a woman with a trimmed mustache? I'm not really sure...) said to me at the bus stop today, "That's a big ol' baby."
  • Thinks her brother is the funniest and also the most bothersome person (she has a special cry for when he is near)
  • Daddy's girl - she's all smiles whenever he is in the room
  • Scoots (army crawl style) everywhere - usually to find mom and get me to pick her up
  • Crawls a little, but can go up the steps in our living room
  • Pulls to stand
  • Eats more than any baby I've seen - sometimes 4, 4 oz. jars of baby food at a time!
  • Favorite foods: yogurt and sweet potatoes, and lately, anything she can feed herself
  • Can hold her bottle by herself when she feels like it
  • Great sleeper
  • Loves: her pacifier, pulling hair, pat-a-cake, grabbing things
  • Hates: Lucas stealing her pacifier, getting her toes/legs dipped in the water at the ocean, riding in canoes
  • Gets kissed, munched on, cuddled and squeezed constantly by her mom, dad and brother